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10-Year-Old Kids Denied Drinking Water In Class Because Of Three Muslims Observing Ramadan

Muslims don’t even fast for the holy month until they are 14 years old.

Twenty Four children were told they could not drink water at a school in Germany because three other students in the class were Muslims observing Ramadan, according to a report.The 10-year-old kids in Frankfurt were all denied drinking water due to the tiny minority fasting for the Islamic holy month.

German outlet NIUS, notes that the fifth graders informed their parents after two teachers at the school made the decision.

One parent commented “At dinner, we always talk about how the day was. I asked my daughter what was new at school. She then told us that two teachers had forbidden the students from drinking in class because three of the 27 children were fasting.”

The teachers were reported to have prevented students from accessing the water dispenser in the hall or having water bottles on their desks.

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