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13,000 Evacuated As Over 100 Wildfires Burn Across Alberta


13,000 Evacuated As Over 100 Wildfires Burn Across Alberta

More than 100 wildfires, some of which are classified as out of control, rage across the western Canadian province of Alberta on Saturday morning, prompting officials to evacuate 13,000 people. 

As of 1130 ET, there are 102 active wildfires in Alberta, of which 35 are classified as out of control, according to data from the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard. 

On Friday, Stephen Lacroix, the managing director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, told reporters the wildfire situation in the province was “evolving and extremely fluid.”

“Many communities are affected by the fires with over 13,000 Albertans evacuated from their homes … we are working with Federal, provincial and municipal partners to deliver emergency support throughout this evolving and extremely fluid situation,” Lacroix said. 

Here are some of the scenes from Alberta. 

According to Christie Tucker, Alberta Wildfire’s information unit manager, “Temperatures have been 10 to 15 degrees above normal for a little while now … and still don’t have green grass and leaves all over the province, which means that the ground is very dry.”

Tucker said above-average temperatures and high winds have been fueling the fires. She said there have been 348 wildfires in Alberta since January, scorching 62,000 acres. 

“That’s significantly more wildfire activity this time of year than we’ve certainly seen any time in the recent past,” Tucker pointed out. 

Tyler Durden
Sat, 05/06/2023 – 14:00

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