“Constitutionally Illegal”: Oregon Legislature Passes Bill Declaring “Racism” A “Public Health Crisis;” Measure Will Allocate Millions Of Dollars To “Serve Specific Populations Based On Race”


  Racism is now officially considered a “public health crisis” in the state of Oregon. This week, both the Oregon House of Representatives and Senate voted to pass HB 4052, which declares “racism” as a “public health crisis” and will allocate millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to specific populations based solely on their race. […]

Freedom Med CEO Kevin Jenkins: We Are Creating Freedom Med To ‘Break Away From Tyrannical Medical System,’ ‘Build A New World Where Healthcare And Human Life Are Valued’


The vast majority of COVID-19 related deaths occur in hospitals. But they’re not dying from the disease. Numerous doctors warn that hospitals across the United States have been adhering to dangerous CDC protocols throughout the pandemic that coerce health practitioners to essentially murder COVID 19-infected patients. In addition to insisting patients get dangerous experimental Covid […]

Idaho House Votes To Ban Vaccine Passports


The Idaho House has passed a bill to ban vaccine passports in the state. In a statement from House Republicans, they said that the aim of the bill is to “ensure that all Idahoans, regardless of vaccination status, can access state services, buildings, or jobs.” “Our government exists to serve every single Idahoan – regardless […]

Dozens Sue Santa Clara County For Vaccine Mandate


SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Dozens of Santa Clara County employees are suing their county for its allegedly unlawful vaccine mandate and are seeking an immediate injunction. Unify Santa Clara County, or UnifySCC, filed an application for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the county on March 3 for depriving them of their jobs during the […]