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95% Vaccinated NFL Sets Single Day Record With 37 New Covid Cases – Quickly Mandates Experimental Booster For All Coaches And Staff By End Of Month


On Monday, the NFL reported a whopping 37 new cases of Covid-19 among its personnel, which prompted the league to quickly issue an update to its Covid protocols that requires all coaches and staff to receive the experimental booster shot by the end of December.

The number of new cases is the most that have been recorded by the league since the beginning of the outbreak.

Clearly, the first two jabs of vaccine didn’t do what they were supposed to in limiting the spread of the virus, especially considering that virtually everyone involved in NFL operations is fully vaccinated – including 95% of all players, and over 99% of coaches and staff.

Nevertheless, the NFL is sticking to the public health regime’s propaganda and mandating that its employees must take their third shot.

Immediately after finding out about the dozens of new cases,

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