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A Delicious and Refreshing Creamsicle Drink That Can Help Your Leaky Gut – Who Knew?

From Surthrival, who know a thing or two about gut health:  did you know colostrum can help to heal a leaky gut?  Me neither, but that’s only the beginning…

Colostrum is the first milk that all mammals produce for their babies and contains an abundance of nutrients.  It has been known to help boost immunity, but it also provides nutrients that help restore the gut lining to optimal permeability so that only the beneficial nutrients can get through the lining and into the blood stream and not toxins.

This recipe from Surthrival is fast and delicious, give it a try!  (remember quality matters, Surthrival is among the best of the best)  Quick Tip:  If you don’t have oranges around use orange juice and less water – to your taste.

This delicious orange creamsicle-style drink gets its rich creaminess from Colostrum! A nutrient dense upgrade on the famous “Orange Julius” with the immune system fortifying, gut-rebuilding and muscle growth and recovery benefits of Colostrum.

The recipe is simple:

🍊 1 Liter Spring water
🍊 2 Oranges, peel and pith removed
🍊 1 Tablespoon Coconut oil
🍊 2 Tablespoons Surthrival Vanilla Colostrum

Blend & enjoy!

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