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Without your health, what have you got?  Take back your power!

A delicious way to look good, and feel great! the Schizandra Berry Blast!

From our friends at Jing Herbs, the Schizandra Berry Blast is It’s packed with an assortment of deliciously superb tonic herbs meant to revitalize the deepest reserves of your Yin Essence.

What is your Yin Essence?  Glad you asked,  Yin is one of 2 opposing yet complementary set of energies Yin and Yang, that form the basis of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, (with a 3,000 + year history) and each comprise a number of different elements/energies that must be kept in balance to ensure optimal wellbeing.

For instance, where cold is a Yin energy, heat is a Yang energy, where Yin is a female energy, Yang is a male energy, where Yin is a resting energy, Yan is an active energy etc…

This Sxhizandra Berry Beauty Blast drink provides nutrients that will “revitalize the deepest reserves of your Yin essence”.    And this will support the body’s innate rejuvenating and restorative functions, and ensure they’re working at their best.

Schizandra is a supertonic that is renowned for its ability to nurture beautiful, soft, and radiant skin.

It replenishes and protects the key vital energies of your body and is able to tonify the Yin of all five organ systems in our bodies!

This berry has been cherished for ages by Chinese royalty for it’s beauty and anti-aging properties.  Its astringent quality also helps the skin to hold on to and lock-in moisture, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines, imparting a youthful glow, as well as improving both the vitality and beauty of your skin.

Cultivate beauty where it begins and love every minute of it with this delicious recipe.


P.S. you can get all the ingredients for this recipe from Jing Herbs here



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