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Actor Hugh Jackman Tests Positive To COVID-19


Australian actor Hugh Jackman has revealed he has tested positive for COVID-19, putting on hold his Broadway performance “The Music Man” for five days. “I just wanted you to hear it from me that I tested positive this morning for COVID,” the 53-year-old actor said in a video posted to Twitter and Instagram on Dec. 28. Producers have called off performances of “The Music Man” until Jan. 2, just last week, Jackman’s co-star also came down with the virus and had to be replaced by an understudy. “My symptoms are like a cold. I have a scratchy throat and a bit of a runny nose, but I’m fine. And I’m just gonna do everything I can to get better ASAP. And as soon as I’m cleared, I’ll be back on stage, heading to River City.” Jackman is best known for playing Wolverine, an invincible superhero who can instantly heal from any injury.  » Read full article

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