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After A Year Of Gaslighting Public Jen Psaki Says “It’s Disturbing” Politicians Are Peddling Conspiracy Theories And Casting Doubt On Vaccinations (VIDEO)



Over the past two years the US government, Dr. Fauci, and the media spread numerous lies during the pandemic.
We now know the media outlets were paid to share the government-endorsed narrative.

The gaslighting continues to this day.

1.) COVID sprang up from a wet market in Wuhan — Truth: when it was the Wuhan lab.
2.) COVID has a mortality rate of 3.5% — Truth: when it was 0.6%.
3.) Masks stop the spread of the coronavirus — Truth: study finds masks are harmful.
4.) Economic lockdowns save lives — Truth:  Economic lockdowns did not reduce mortality rates.
5) You won’t need to wear a mask if you get the vaccine — Truth: Vaccines and masks did not stop the spread of virus.

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