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After Firing Unvaxxed Healthcare Workers, California Tells Covid-Positive Medical Workers To Stay On The Job



It looks like the vaccine mandates are going well.

California is now telling Covid-positive medical workers to stay on the job after firing all unvaxxed healthcare workers in October.

Governor Gavin Newsom required all healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated by September 30.

Thousands of healthcare workers who worked during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and most of 2021 were fired or suspended for refusing to get jabbed.

Several hospitals in California are now overwhelmed due to staffing shortages so the “experts” are now saying Covid-positive medical workers should stay on the job if they are asymptomatic.

To be clear, unvaxxed medical workers with natural immunity cannot work, but vaxxed, Covid-positive healthcare employees can show up to work, because science.

Yahoo News reported:

State officials are attempting to address California’s staffing shortage through a sweeping policy change that allows asymptomatic healthcare workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus to return to work immediately.

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