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Alabama Wine Shop Owner Files Lawsuit Against State After Losing Business During COVID Lockdowns


A former business owner in Alabama filed a lawsuit on March 19 against Republican Gov. Kay Ivey and state Health Director Scott Harris, alleging that the COVID-19 lockdowns implemented by the executive branch resulted in a loss of $54,680 and caused the shop’s closure. Saranne Riccio, the business owner who opened Uncorked Wine Shop & Tasting Room in Huntsville, Alabama in 2018, is represented by Matt Clark, an attorney with the Alabama Center for Law and Liberty (ACLL).  “Our big concern is that two executive branch officials—the governor and the state health director—got to make all the rules for about a year without any input from the legislature,” Clark told The Epoch Times.  “It’s the legislative branch that has the power to make laws, and the executive branch has the power to carry them out.” Even under an extended emergency, it’s a violation of the separation of powers, Clark said. …  » Read full article

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