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Americans Must Be Vigilant To Protect US From Falling Into A ‘Scientific Dictatorship’: Expert


Americans need to be vigilant and exercise their right to free speech to push back against the social control that has been accelerated by governments across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, or the nation may fall into a “scientific dictatorship,” according to Patrick Wood, director and founder of Citizens for Free Speech. Speaking to EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program, Wood said he envisions the United States and the entire world behaving like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) if free speech is taken away. “Free speech is the only antidote to what we’re seeing in the world today, to pushing back against it, to resisting it,” said Wood. “The day that free speech is completely crushed—and I think that would be in the case of China, it’s pretty well crushed there for sure—that will be the day when we see the entire world behaving as China behaves right now with in terms of …  » Read full article

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