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AND THERE IT IS: Biden Asks For Billions For COVID And Ukraine – Where Will This Money Really Go?



Biden now wants billions more for Ukraine and COVID.  He must think we forgot about one of his last transactions in Ukraine.

In 2015,  Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin was looking into Burisma, an oil and gas company where Hunter Biden was on the Board.  Joe Biden later bragged how he got Shokin stopped from further investigating Hunter and Burisma.  Biden withheld a billion in aid to get Shokin fired and he bragged about it.

Now Biden wants more.  This time Biden says it’s for COVID and Ukraine. FOX News reports:

The White House is warning that the U.S. will soon begin to run out of money for COVID-19 supplies unless Congress acts to approve more funding.

Officials say more money is needed for antibody treatments, preventative pills and to fund testing sites.

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