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Australian Regime Deports World’s #1 Player Novak Djokovic From Country, Bans Him From Entry For 3 Years – Saying His Presence Could Stir Up Anti-Vaccine Sentiments (VIDEO)



The world’s number one ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia on Saturday and banned from entry for the next three years.

Djokovic has won nine of his 20 Grand Slam trophies at the Australian Open — including three in a row.

The Australian regime said his presence in the country could “stir up anti-vaccine sentiments” in their country.

Australia has deported Novak Djokovic, not because he presented any Covid risk but because government bureaucrats worried that allowing him to stay might diminish their power. From NYT on Friday: https://t.co/sRxzz8l3L0 And today: https://t.co/ilTIpdYp7q pic.twitter.com/rg84yuuVGj

— Byron York (@ByronYork) January 16, 2022

SKY News reported:

Novak Djokovic will be deported from Australia and will not play in the Australian Open after losing his visa appeal to stay in the country.

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