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Aviation Associations Highlight Concerns Of COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries Among Pilots And Cabin Crew


An international coalition of aviation and medical professionals from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland have published a statement raising serious concerns about the compromise in aviation safety due to COVID-19 vaccine injuries among the flight crew.
Advocacy groups, scientists, and doctors are receiving reports of COVID-19 vaccine-injured airline pilots on a daily basis, claimed the signatories in the statement. Harms suffered by pilots include blood clots, cardiovascular issues, auditory and neurological issues, and more.
“Many of our pilots have lost medical certification to fly and may not recover the same. Others are continuing to pilot aircraft while carrying symptoms that should be declared and investigated, creating a human factors hazard of unprecedented breadth. The very foundation of our just safety culture—non-punitive reporting—no longer exists,” according to the May 18 statement….  » Read full article

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