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By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

The summer is magic. It’s that time of the year dedicated to sunshine and splashes in the waves. But when it comes to picking swimwear, we’re facing a bit of a dilemma.

We’re bombarded with a variety of styles, colours and fabrics. But which ones work best for our needs?

Sure, most of us want to choose something that looks good, and does good for the planet. But the truth is, without something synthetic in your swimsuit, it’s going to sag. In the worst case scenario, a wave or a powerful swim might even sweep a hemp or pure cotton swimsuit right off your body!

So, what can we do if we’re looking for a swimsuit that’s functional, as well as beautiful?

Recycled fibres used in swimwear

Your best bet is to go with existing fibres that have been recycled.

A good example is Econyl. This material regenerates old materials such as used fishing nets, and spins them into new fabric that hugs and moves with your body.

Repreve follows the same philosophy, but uses recycled plastic, particularly post-consumer plastic bottles, instead of fishing nets.

Recycled Polyester is another material that comes from recycled plastic bottles. It generates fewer CO2 emissions and represents a sustainable option in the making of swimsuits.

What Banana Moon is doing to be greener

California based swimwear company Banana Moon is now aiming to be greener. We love this Californian label for its transparency in describing its journey to become more environmental-friendly, instead of  falsely marketing itself as fully green.

The company began all the way back in 1984 when Daniel Flachaire and his wife Veronique met Bernard Donati met Nat Maori, a Young designer from California. They decided to fuse their multicultural backgrounds to create a unique beach lifestyle brand.

As the decades rolled by, they’ve been evolving towards a more eco-friendly approach…  read more


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Banana Moon sustainable bikinis

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