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Biden Admin Worked ‘Under The Radar’ To Give WHO More Power: Liberty Counsel’s Senior Attorney


Jonathan Alexandre, a senior counsel from international litigation nonprofit Liberty Counsel, says changes to the United Nations’ 2005 international health regulations (IHR) have been happening “under the radar” because they know people would object to the unconstitutionality of the changes.
The Biden administration’s proposed amendments to the IHR would further strengthen the WHO’s authority to declare public health emergencies and override U.S. governing bodies.
“They’ve done this undercover because they knew at any point, if you were to tell Americans, you’re ceding the authority to an international body that is unaccountable to the people, if the media, were to echo that message, certainly Americans would have no regard for this,” Alexandre said during a recent interview with NTD News Today. “And we ought not to have any regard for this international body (the WHO) that is not accountable to us.”…  » Read full article

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