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Biden Administration Asks Supreme Court To Intervene After Federal Judge’s Decision Blocks Navy SEALs From Vaccine Mandate



The Biden administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to reinforce its Covid-19 vaccine mandate to groups of Navy SEALs who are not vaccinated, dishonestly claiming it “poses intolerable risks to safety and mission success.”

The Pentagon asked the Supreme Court to intervene after  Judge Reed O’Connor granted a temporary injunction to a group of Navy SEALs from taking the Biden COVID vaccine mandate based on their requested religious exemptions.

The decision stopped the Department of Defense from punishing a group of 35 Navy special operations forces who refused to get vaccinated for Covid-19.

“This application seeks relief from a preliminary injunction that usurps the Navy’s authority to decide which servicemembers should be deployed to execute some of the military’s most sensitive and dangerous missions,” Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar argued.

“The court’s preliminary injunction not only prohibits the Navy from applying the COVID-19 vaccination requirement to respondents but also requires the Navy to assign and deploy them without regard to their lack of vaccinations notwithstanding military leaders’ judgment that doing so poses intolerable risks to safety and mission success,” she continued.

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