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Big Tech Allows Russian War Propaganda While They De-Platform Pro-American Voices


As YouTube works to eliminate pro-American channels (Dan Bongino being the latest casualty), Facebook shadowbans and eliminates conservative pages, and Twitter infamously bans then-sitting-President Trump and this website, Gateway Pundit, both platforms are openly allowing the Russian government to spread its propaganda and disinformation. Apparently, invading a sovereign country isn’t a violation of terms, but questioning the integrity of an election or saying a particular Covid treatment works is strictly forbidden.

Over on Twitter, @KremlinRussia_E is the official blue-check-marked account for the President of Russia in English. There is also a duplicate of that account in Russian language, @KremlinRussia.  They are actively posting tweets. Twitter has no problem with this. Also operating with impunity on Twitter are accounts for Government Of Russia (@GovernmentRF) and the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs (@mfa_russia).

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