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Bill Gates Touts Pandemic Surveillance GERM Team In Creepy New Video: ‘We Need The Equivalent Of A Global Fire Department’



Creepy Bill Gates just won’t go away.

The globalist vaccine-pushing billionaire is making the rounds to promote Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization or GERM, a supreme global pandemic surveillance team that will be operated by the United Nations-run World Health Organization to detect outbreaks and prevent pandemics.

Standing alongside a dalmatian puppy in a video published on social media on Friday, Gates touted GERM as a necessity akin to firefighters and smoke detectors.

“If you really look at all the things we’ve done to minimize fire damage it’s quite impressive,” the tech mogul says while displaying images of buildings burning down. “Sadly, one disaster that we haven’t invested in is stopping pandemics. Making sure they don’t cause the deaths and economic damage we faced with COVID.”

“To prevent pandemics, we need the equivalent of a global fire department Just as we need smoke detectors,

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