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Boeing Reveals Ambitious Strategy To Build Its Next Airplane In ‘Metaverse’


Boeing has revealed an ambitious strategy to build its next airplane in the “metaverse” as it follows in the footsteps of multiple other companies in a move toward digital innovation. The metaverse, also known as a virtual environment, is a combination of various technical elements such as virtual reality, augmented reality, video, and other forms of communication that create an immersive virtual world. In an interview with Reuters, Boeing’s chief engineer, Greg Hyslop, said that in its next new aircraft, the company plans to build and link virtual three-dimensional “digital twin” replicas of the jet and the production system which will be able to run simulations. The digital twins will be backed by a “digital thread” that encompasses all of the information known about the aircraft from its earliest years, including airline requirements, its parts, and thousands of pages of certification documents, which extend into the supply chain. “It’s about strengthening engineering,” Hyslop said.”We are talking …  » Read full article

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