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Boston City Workers Win Bid To Overturn Vaccine Mandate


Boston city workers have won their bid to suspend Mayor Michelle Wu’s vaccination mandate policy. A Massachusetts Appeals Court judge issued an injunction prohibiting the city from enforcing its Dec. 20, 2021, vaccine mandate policy for Boston union police and firefighters. The ruling overturned a lower court’s earlier ruling that kept the mandate in place. The injunction is in effect indefinitely. In an 18-page opinion, Judge Sabita Singh concluded that an injunction against the vaccine mandate posed a low risk to the public while denying one would risk the loss of essential public employees. “Given the limited harm to the city and the public health interest it seeks to promote, and the substantial harm likely to be sustained by the unions in the absence of an injunction, the balance of harms favors the issuance of an injunction to preserve the status quo,” Singh wrote. The ruling comes less than two weeks …  » Read full article

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