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One year ago (early September 2021) I was in the unique position of being a party to a small international incident. I was traveling to Brasilia with a small group to attend CPAC Brasil, for meetings and conversations with interesting people in Brazilian politics and journalism.

As CPAC does, it brings conservatives together from all over to engage in best practices and learn from each other. Ideas are the lifeblood of the conservative movement, and we need to coalition better to get our superior ideas to the forefront as our ideological opponents are constantly trying to silence us through coercion or bad faith regulation.

Much of the theme of this conference was dedicated to this focal point — we need to preserve our means and modes of communication amongst each other in our domestic movements to be sure, but also in the global ideas movement now more than ever. The establishment left has globalized their coordination (coercively of course) in pursuit of their harmonized technocratic global power designs, meant to erode our freedoms in national sovereignties and individual decision making (vaccine passports? “c’mon man” to quote our the current comatose vegetable-in-chief)….


…The people we met at CPAC did not disappoint and we followed the close of the event with more interesting meetings including having the opportunity to meet with the sitting head of state, President Jair Bolsonaro. I am of the school of thought, if you can meet with any head of state, even ones you might not agree with or support, you take that opportunity as you will probably gain a deeper understanding into that country, society, and culture…  read full article

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