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BREAKING: Biden pledges support for ‘gender affirming care’ and ‘trans kids’ in interview with ‘bimbo’ TikToker

“So I feel very, very strongly that that you should have every single solitary right, including, including use of your gender identity bathrooms, but public,” Biden told self-identified ‘bimbo’ Dylan Mulvaney.

Progressive media platform Now This staged a presidential forum with Joe Biden in the White House, where trans TikTok sensation Dylan Mulvaney got the chance to ask Biden about his feelings on medical gender transition for children and teens. Mulvaney refers to vaginas as “barbie pouches,” and claimed to be a “bimbo.

In his answers to Mulvaney, who got a boost from both Tampax and Ulta Beauty, Biden revealed that he is on board with child sex changes, and doesn’t think anyone should stand in the way of medical gender transition for minors if that’s what they and their parents wish… read full article

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