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BREAKING: Brave people of China protest tyrannical Covid lockdowns: ‘Take down the CCP! Take down Xi Jinping!’

“The protests in Shanghai are taking place right down the street from the US Consulate. Not a single official or member of the Biden Admin has said a word about them.”

Nov 27, 2022

In its attempt to reach “zero-Covid,” communist China has resorted to tyrannical and authoritarian measures, locking down citizens and instituting brutal restrictions on movement, causing citizens to rise up in protest resulting in growing tension between the CCP and its people.

According to the Daily Mail, demonstrations have “erupted in at least seven cities – including Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou – with violence breaking out between local cops and furious protesters,” and social media and YouTube posts reveal protestors gathered and shouting in mandarin “take down the CCP!” and “take down XiJinping!” With the CCP responsing with arrests and attacks. A fire at an apartment building in the Xinjiang province sparked the recent wave of protest, as at least a dozen citizens burned alive after being locked in their apartment by the government due to Covid restrictions… Read full article

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