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Business Down 40% At Restaurants In Minneapolis “Over Night” After Democrat Mayor Imposes Vaccine Passport System (VIDEO)


Last month Minneapolis and St. Paul joined other major Democrat-run cities and required proof of vaccination in order to enter restaurants, bars, theaters and other venues.

“This is a critical next step to avoid closures,” Communist Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said at a virtual news conference with St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter. “We want to stay open, and we need to stay safer.”

Both mayors used their emergency powers to impose the vaccine passport system in their cities.

Businesses in Minneapolis sued Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey over his vaccine mandate a couple weeks ago.

The complaint says the mandate is “calculated and purposed to attempt to prod the general public toward vaccination.”

However, a judge denied the restaurants’ request for a restraining order.

Just two weeks into the vaccine passport system and the restaurant business is WAY down.

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