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Canadian Truckers Continue Protest – Demand Trudeau’s Resignation – Full Freedoms Back



The Freedom Truckers in Canada continue their peaceful protests against Prime Minister Trudeau and his COVID mandates.  They vow to continue until Trudeau resigns or Canadians’ freedoms are given back to them.

The Daily Mail reports:

Freedom Convoy truckers protesting the Canadian government’s vaccine mandate continue to block the busiest border crossing with the US – which carries 25 percent of trade between the countries – for a third day in a row as a growing list of provinces start to lift COVID restrictions and the General Motors plant in Delta Township, Michigan is forced to cancel a second shift due to lack of supply for production.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has smeared the truckers as ‘swastika-wavers’ and refused to budge on his mandate, saying he ‘doesn’t listen to people who illegally block borders’.

For a third day in a row,

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