ChatGPT goes woke! If you ask groundbreaking AI to explain why Drag Queen Kids Hours could be bad – it refuses on grounds it would be ‘inappropriate and harmful’

Conservatives have been using responses from ChatGP to prove it’s ‘woke’ The bot has been seen to provide answers that are considered ‘left-leaning’ Twitter users asked questions about Drag Queen Story Hour and gender  Experts say systems don’t perpetuate harm against a large number of people By ANEETA BHOLE FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 20:06 EST, 17 January 2023 | UPDATED: 23:39 […]

More British Cities to Ban Privately-Owned Vehicles into Certain Areas without Permit to Reduce Traffic and “Help Tackle Climate Change”

By Jim Hoft Published December 17, 2022 at 7:40pm The Gateway Pundit reported on plans approved by the County Council in Oxfordshire, England  to begin ‘trial’ climate restrictions using traffic filter permits to restrict the amount of driving area residents can do. The new traffic reduction scheme called “traffic filters” to help reduce traffic congestion, […]

Massive ‘CitizenFreePress’ News Site Suspended from Musk’s Twitter for Sharing Video of Obama Admitting Election Machine Exploits.

IT IS UNCLEAR WHY CFP WAS TARGETED FOR THE SUSPENSION. he heavily-trafficked news aggregation site has been suspended from Twitter for sharing a clip of former President Barack Obama, campaigning in Pennsylvania in 2008, discussing potential problems with American voting machines and demanding paper trails for ballots. (CFP) was not the only account to have […]

EXCLUSIVE: Carpe Diem: Elon Musk’s Day One Agenda for Making Twitter Great Again

October 28, 2022 (14h ago)   Congrats, Elon! As of today, you are now the proud owner of the world’s most high-profile speech platform. It cost you a pretty penny—$44 billion is higher than the endowment of Yale, the GDP of Latvia, or all of SpaceX’s revenues combined in its entire twenty-year history. But what you’ve […]

Musk Says Starlink Now “Active” On All Seven Continents


Elon Musk said his satellite-internet system Starlink is “active” on all continents. However, the availability map on Starlink’s website says otherwise. “Starlink is now active on all continents, including Antarctica,” Musk tweeted.  Starlink is now active on all continents, including Antarctica — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 19, 2022 But the availability map of the low-latency, […]

China Creates ‘Digital Twin’ Of Americans: Former DoD Cybersecurity Expert


China Creates ‘Digital Twin’ Of Americans: Former DoD Cybersecurity Expert Authored by Hannah Ng and Tiffany Meier via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), As reports have emerged that Chinese military-linked firms gather American DNA, these firms are now capable of creating digital replicas of Americans, according to John Mills, former director of cybersecurity policy, strategy, and […]

“Slip-Up” By Social Media Giant Allows Dem Campaigns To Access Republican Voter Data


  Another Big Tech “Slip-Up” has ended up helping Democrats. According to a new report from Axios, social media company Snap allowed Dem campaigns to access Republican voter data. This allowed Democrats to refine their midterm ad campaigns. The data was used by the DNC, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and […]

Elon Musk Weighs In On ‘87,000 New IRS Agents’ With Ironic Message To Democrats


Billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk posted an ironic message on Twitter mocking Democrats’ efforts to give the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) an $80 billion cash injection amid swirling fears the money might be used to hire legions of tax auditors that would target middle-income Americans with audits. “When the country that revolted over taxes hires […]

Data Is The New Oil, But Partisanship And Lack Of Leadership Lead To Losses: Shark Tank Investor


Digital transformation investment levels will reach $6.3 trillion between 2022-2024, according to the global research firm International Data Company (IDC). “For the first time ever, we see that the majority of enterprise organizations [at 53 percent] have an enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy, a 42 percent increase from just two years ago,” stated Shawn Fitzgerald, IDC’s research […]

Conservative Lawyers File Major Lawsuit Against Facebook, Twitter, Zuckerberg, And Dorsey


Attorneys John Pierce and former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.) filed in May a federal civil RICO (racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act) lawsuit seeking over $10 billion in damages against Facebook, Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey on behalf of Laura Loomer, a Republican who is running for Florida’s 11th congressional district. Loomer is […]

Apple Projects Billions In Revenue Loss Over Supply Constraints From China Amid Lockdowns


Beijing’s strict COVID-19 control policies have significantly limited Apple’s consumer product output, according to one of its suppliers. In April, the iPhone maker predicted that supply constraints would cost the company up to $8 billion in revenue for the current quarter. Taiwanese contract manufacturer Pegatron, one of Apple’s largest suppliers for specific iPhone models, on […]

US State Department Welcomes Canada’s Long-Awaited Move To Ban Huawei, ZTE From 5G Network


The U.S. State Department says it welcomes Canada’s move in banning China’s Huawei Technologies and ZTE from its 5G wireless infrastructure. “We welcome Canada’s decision,” the State Department said in writing Friday in response to a query from The Canadian Press. “The United States supports efforts to ensure countries, companies, and citizens can trust their […]

Former Facebook Crypto Chief Launches Bitcoin Payments Company


David Marcus, the former head of Meta Platforms Inc-owned Facebook’s crypto project Diem, has launched a Bitcoin payments startup. What Happened Marcus and a few ex-Meta crypto team members have started a new venture, according to a report from TechCrunch on Thursday. The new company, called Lightspark, would build on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It will reportedly […]

AAA Study Finds Many Consumers Don’t Trust Self-Driving Vehicles


A new AAA survey has found that American consumers remain skeptical when it comes to driverless vehicles, but would prefer better automatic performance features in existing models. “You can’t sell consumers on the future if they don’t trust the present,” said Greg Brannon, director of AAA’s automotive engineering in a statement regarding the survey. “And […]

Big Tech’s Hidden Manipulation


“If we monitor, capture, archive, and expose these companies,” Dr. Robert Epstein said, “then they’ll stay out of our lives.” In a recent episode of “American Thought Leaders,” host Jan Jekielek sits down with Dr. Robert EDr. Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology. pstein to discuss how […]

Elon Musk Warned By Western Governments Following Twitter Takeover


The European Union and the United Kingdom both issued vague warnings to Tesla CEO Elon Musk on content moderation following his recent takeover of Twitter. “Regardless of ownership, all social media platforms must be responsible,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office told the BBC, without elaborating. “Be it cars or social media, any company operating in […]

Dr. Robert Epstein: Inside Big Tech’s Manipulation Machine And How To Stop It


“They hold in their hands the power to change thinking and behavior on a massive scale, the power—in close elections anyway—to pick the winner, in country after country after country.” I sit down with Dr. Robert Epstein, a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT). He studied at Harvard […]

Elon Musk Becomes The Biggest Shareholder In Twitter As He Buys 9.2% Shares


  After considering building a social media platform, Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has now becomes Twitter’s biggest shareholder after purchasing $2.89 billion worth of stake, according to a regulatory filing revealed on Monday by the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the SEC filing, Musk now holds a 9.2% passive stake in […]

New Rules For US Tech Giants To Come Into Force In October, EU’s Vestager Says


BRUSSELS—Tough new rules targeting U.S. tech giants agreed late on Thursday are expected to come into force in October, EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager said on Friday. The rules, which Vestager proposed a year ago, are called the Digital Markets Act and set out a list of dos and don’ts for Amazon, Apple, Meta, Alphabet […]

Big Tech Allows Russian War Propaganda While They De-Platform Pro-American Voices


As YouTube works to eliminate pro-American channels (Dan Bongino being the latest casualty), Facebook shadowbans and eliminates conservative pages, and Twitter infamously bans then-sitting-President Trump and this website, Gateway Pundit, both platforms are openly allowing the Russian government to spread its propaganda and disinformation. Apparently, invading a sovereign country isn’t a violation of terms, but […]

Ford CEO: No Plan To Spin Off EV Business, But Change Coming


DETROIT—The CEO of Ford Motor Co. says the automaker has no plans to spin off its electric vehicle or internal combustion businesses, but is reinventing itself by removing costs and ramping up for large-scale EV and software sales. Ford CEO Jim Farley told the Wolfe Research virtual global auto technology conference Wednesday that the company […]

Digital World Shares Surge After Launch Of Donald Trump’s Truth Social


Shares of the Digital World Acquisition Corp., a blank-check company funding a controversial social media venture, have skyrocketed following the release of the company’s flagship app. The new social media app is a project affiliated with Donald Trump, and its name, Truth Social, bears a striking resemblance to the former president’s surname, consistent with his […]

Privacy Advocates Push For Government-Wide Facial Recognition Restrictions


After a recent successful campaign for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to dump its facial recognition program, privacy activists are now turning their attention to other agencies that use the technology. Reports last month of IRS requirements for taxpayers to upload selfies for an identity verification program run through prompted immediate backlash from public […]

AUKUS Partners Call On Organisations To Bolster Cyber Defences Against Ransomware


Australia, U.S., and UK authorities have issued guidelines encouraging individuals and organizations to reinforce their cyber defences against global ransomware threats, cyber criminals-for-hire, and attacks on critical infrastructure. The joint advisory was published on Feb. 9 from the U.S.’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), along […]

PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Resigning From Meta’s Board Of Directors


Billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel is resigning from the board of Facebook’s parent company Meta later this year, the company announced on Monday. Thiel, a co-founder of online payments system PayPal, was one of the earliest investors in Facebook and joined the company board in April 2005. He became a Facebook investor in 2004 when […]

Lara Logan Quitting Big Tech, Accuses It Of ‘Glorifying’ Pedophile Content


Journalist Lara Logan has announced that she intends to quit big tech social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, accusing the networks of allowing pedophilic content to be shared while censoring free speech and alternate perspectives. The award-winning journalist asserted in a Feb. 4 social media post that she cannot “in good conscience” be part of […]