Elevate Your Wellness with an Indulgent Chaga Mushroom Hot Chocolate Latte

Chagalatte, hot chocolate

Discover the soothing blend of rich cocoa and powerful chaga mushrooms in every sip and elevate your wellness. This upgraded version of the classic hot chocolate by Surthrival is nutrient dense and provides you with sustained energy, a perfect way to start the day or as an afternoon pick me up to maintain your focus […]

Drink This Daily to Defend Your Brain and Heart – 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea

health benefits of green tea, polyphenols

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola   January 4, 2024 Story at-a-glance Green tea, which comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, contains a wealth of beneficial polyphenols, including the catechins epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epicatechin gallate, epigallocatechin and epicatechin EGCG may be helpful for the prevention of arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombus, heart attack and stroke — in part due […]

Delicious Home Made Fudge Pops – With Gelatin!

fudge pops with gelatin - eat real food

The benefits of consuming gelatin are numerous including: skin, hair and nail health gut health joint health bone health muscle recovery and growth sleep improvement weight management +++ But unless you’re a jello or marshmallow fanatic, it’s not that easy to get gelatin into the food you eat on a daily basis, but every now […]

Kefir Recipes: A Delicious Introduction to Fermented Dairy

Kefir recipes by Donna Gates

Content reviewed by Donna Gates Written by Body Ecology on July 19th, 2023 This traditionally fermented food has gone mainstream. In the health world, and even in the commercial food market, tart and creamy kefir is a big deal as its many health benefits are confirmed. “My own kitchen soon became my laboratory. And the […]

It’s Summer, Iced Coffee Season – The Upgraded Version!

It’s SUMMER!!!  the season of sun and warm temperatures AKA Iced Coffee season, no better way to get refreshed and get a boost of energy at the same time!  But it gets better if you stack it with powerful nutrients.  Check out Erbology’s recipe, which includes Agaricus Blazei, one of the top medicinal mushrooms, known […]

Superfood Lattes – What Are They? And Can You Make Them At Home?

by Natalie LaVolpe Superfood lattes are a trend that has cracked open the hot-drinks market and are quickly gaining steam. Unlike traditional lattes which are usually made with a spot of espresso and frothed milk, superfood lattes come in an assortment of flavors and pack a nutritional punch. Health-packed lattes made their mark years ago, most […]

Chef Hack, How to Cut Paper Thin Onion Slices

Like you onions paper thin – here’s one of the best way I’ve seen to get them thin every time.  All you need is a fork or pick and a good vegetable peeler. Watch and give it a try! @casa_tips White or red onion? which one do you prefer to eat ? Tell us in […]

Brownies Elevated by Alcami Elements

In the “healing nutrition can be delicious” category, Alcami Elements presents its version of the brownie, which is made with its blend of powerful health promoting nutrients including Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and more. See full recipe

A Champagne Toast – If You’re Going to Serve Champagne, Why Not Go Biodynamic…

… but not just biodynamic but an award winning biodynamic champagne crafted by the Larmandier-Bernier Estate whose legacy in champagne-making spans 8 generations. And if you like your champagne dry, this is the ultimate, with 0 dosing (0 sugar added). If you new to biodynamic, it’s essentially organic plus, so none of those pesky toxic […]

Part Cocktail, Part Appetizer… Does It Get Any Better!

Just in time for the holiday season the ideal cocktail, blending a delicious drink with appetizers.  This Spicy Bloody Mary concoction is the creation of Instagram’s @lesswithlaur  using Agalima’s organic cocktail mixes. THE ULTIMATE SPICY BLOODY MARY 4 oz @agalimaorganic Bloody Mary Mix 1.5 oz vodka 1 tsp lime juice 1 tsp hot sauce Spicy […]

“Tis the Season – Is Your Bar Fully Stocked with Organic Mixes?

The cocktail season is fast approaching, it’s a good time to make sure your bar is fully stocked with organic mixes.  Cocktail mixes are perfect to add some festivity to your celebrations, for both those who consumer alcohol as well as those who prefer non-alcoholic versions. Dirty Pelican is a great option to consider, with […]

Get Your Glow On! A Jing Herbs Skin Elixir

Just in time for the holiday season… make sure your skin is its lustrous best with Jing Herbs’ delicious Berry Elixir The star of this elixir is pearl powder.  Pearl powder has been used for thousands of years as a beauty tonic.  In fact, it was used by legendary beauties of the Orient to maintain […]

Activated charcoal & basil lemonade – #DetoxDoneRight

Refresh, detoxify and rejuvenate with our twist on a classic drink. Full of refreshing citrus flavour with the addition of cleansing charcoal powder, our charcoal lemonade recipe is a new take on a childhood favourite.   A classic, reinvented Is there anything that conjures up a hot summer’s day spent sunbathing in the garden than […]

Healthified S’mores Hot Cacao – Delicious Adaptogens!

The perfect drink for the season!  Cozy, rich, and decadent, this nutrified hot coocoa is made with Chill AF Cacao, which contains organic criollo cacao, an antioxidant powerhouse that helps elevate mood and relieve stress. It’s also packed with stress-relieving adaptogens like reishi and ashwagandha to help calm the mind and body. The base of […]

The Carnivore Diet — A Dangerous Fad or Health Rescuer?

Analysis by Dr. Mercola Story at-a-glance A carnivore or meat-only diet can be uniquely beneficial for some people, especially those struggling with autoimmune diseases, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, chronic pain and mental health disorders It can also be used as a detox strategy for three to 12 months One of the primary benefits of a […]

Wild Salmon Deviled Eggs w/ Aioli

From Dr. Mercola & Chef Pete Evans Hard-boiled, poached or soft-boiled — Are you tired of eating your eggs the ordinary way? This ketogenic wild salmon deviled eggs recipe from famous chef Pete Evans gives a twist and introduces loads of new flavors to your usual eggs. Not only that, but along with the health benefits […]

Top 3 Recipes for Healthy Lattes

How Much Sugar Is In Your Favourite Fall Lattés? It’s latte season! As soon as it was officially fall, I was into the pumpkin spice lattes, chai tea lattes and salted caramel lattes. The catch is, I make my own version of these delicious bevy’s. Why you ask? It really comes down to sugar and […]

Kitchens of Instagram – Add a Little Blue Into Your Life!

animamundiherbals ?? How much blue food do you sprinkle into your life? Blue holds the power of serenity, calm, peace and higher consciousness. Blue foods also tend to hold high antioxidants and phytonutrients, which blesses our body with strength and micronutrients. What blue foods come to mind that you love? ??? Blue donut recipe is […]

CHOCOLATE AVOCADO MOUSSE TART is so easy to replicate!… Make 3 ingredient mousse and…

CHOCOLATE AVOCADO MOUSSE TART is so easy to replicate!… Make 3 ingredient mousse and…

?CHOCOLATE AVOCADO MOUSSE TART is so easy to replicate!… ?Make 3 ingredient mousse and pipe into shells! SWIPE for STEPS!… . ✨Find the recipe by tapping the link in my profile here: @greensmoothiegourmet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #chocolatecreampie #vegancream #chocolatemousse #vegancreampie #chocolatemoussecake #holidaybaking #avocadomousse #vegantart […]