Ayurvedic Skin Care Mask Recipe

ayurvedic skin mask recipe

Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP This Ayurvedic mask recipe, with soothing neem, turmeric, triphala, and chickpea powder, will keep your skin balanced. The Ayurvedic mask recipe has similar properties to the cleanser/toner recipe above, but because a mask is usually left on the skin for a longer period of time, additional soothing and gentle ingredients […]

Ancient Anti-Aging Skin Secret

from Animanundi Herbals, “one of the most ancient forms of skin care is applying earth to your face,  a ritual found amongst countless of cultures for skin health and beyond. Clay is one of the most ancient “anti-aging” skin secrets out there practiced by a plethora of cultures worldwide.. and guess why… because the EARTH […]


By Katy Caric Our eyes are pretty, delicate little creatures, easily irritated. Whatever we put on to them can easily get in to them – and absorbed right into our system. Unfortunately, many mainstream eyeshadows contain particles of heavy metals like aluminum, and chemicals like parabens. When this makeup is in powdered form, it can get into our eyes and lungs […]