Rise Against the Cabal: Can We Crush This Untouchable Empire?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked October 01, 2023 STORY AT-A-GLANCE The World Health Organization’s upcoming pandemic treaty and the International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments are part of a global “soft coup” to strip nations of their sovereignty and people of their bodily autonomy and freedom The WHO wants to put into law a […]

Technocracy and Totalitarianism

BY AARON KHERIATY   NOVEMBER 19, 2022   SOCIETY, TECHNOLOGY   10 MINUTE READ What follows is an essay adapted from my new book The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State, originally published in The American Mind.   The Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce, who came of age in the 1930s and observed with horror the emergence of Mussolini’s Fascist regime in his […]

Visualizing The Global Population Over 300 Years By Country


  Since the 1800s, our global population has grown from 984 million people to almost 8 billion – an increase of more than 700%. Which regions around the world have led this growth, and what’s expected for the rest of the century? As Visual Capitalist’s Carmen Ang details below, this animated visualization by James Eagle shows 300 years of […]

Federal Research On Manipulating Brains And Rewriting DNA Should Worry Us All

The U.S. government is pouring billions of dollars into understanding genetics and the human brain — and how to manipulate those systems. JOE ALLEN The future of evolution is now in our hands. Or rather, the godlike power to alter biology rests in a few scientists’ hands, and we’re all going to pay for it, […]

Easier for People to Just Submit to Woke Ideology: Darren Beattie

Darren Beattie is a former White House speech writer and the founder of Revolver News. He says the United States is exporting woke ideology around the world to destabilize foreign nations. It’s also being used to destabilize the U.S., he says. At the 2022 National Conservatism Conference, he talked to NTD about how he thinks […]

Convenience Is An Opiate

By Lori Weintz   September 16, 2022   Society, Technology   11 minute read Opiate: (noun) a drug that acts to block pain, induce sedation or sleep, and produce calmness or euphoria. Opiates are associated with physiological tolerance, physical and psychological dependence, and addiction upon repeated or prolonged use. I remember the days of not […]

Energy Transition A ‘Dangerous Delusion’: Report


An Aug. 30 report argues that the idea of totally transitioning from fossil fuels is a “dangerous delusion.” “The lessons of the recent decade make it clear that [solar, wind, and battery] SWB technologies cannot be surged in times of need, are neither inherently ‘clean’ nor even independent of hydrocarbons, and are not cheap,” it […]