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CDC Continues To Push COVID Jab Propaganda With Misleading Data – LifeSite

Frankly, the CDC is again obfuscating the data to suit their own political agenda, and The Lancet is letting the CDC get away with yet more propaganda cloaked as semi-science. This is unacceptable.

The CDC published the below paper in The Lancet on March 7, 2022. The legacy media immediately promoted the study as documenting that the vaccines are safe and effective with severe side effects being of short duration and rare.

I began reading this paper with my usual wary eye, and what jumped out at me was that the conclusions reached by the legacy media did not match what I, as a trained physician and scientist, found important. As is often the case. Because they are journalists, not scientists. Please remind me, why are we relying on/allowing them to interpret science when they are not trained for this? In any case…  » Read full article

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