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CDC Deploys Fleets Of ‘Pandemic’ Buses To Minority Communities – Is Spending $5,000 Of YOUR Money On Every ‘Minority’ Who Gets COVID Vaccine



The Centers for Disease Control is now deploying fleets of federally funded “pandemic” buses into minority communities to bribe unvaccinated Americans into to getting an experimental COVID-19 injection.

The CDC Partnering for Vaccine Equity program has rewarded a $6 million grant, PANDEMIC (Program to Alleviate National Disparities in Ethnic and Minority Immunizations in the Community) fund to deploy teams in six states into minority communities to persuade those who have refrained from getting vaccinated to comply.

Since October, the effort has resulted in 2,052 minorities getting vaccinated, an investment that costs every taxpayer approximately $5,000 per vaccine, the Epoch Times reports.

If people aren’t sure [that they want the vaccine], then we have educational materials, and our community health workers and the extension agents will talk to them about their particular questions and try to answer their questions and their concerns.

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