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ChatGPT goes woke! If you ask groundbreaking AI to explain why Drag Queen Kids Hours could be bad – it refuses on grounds it would be ‘inappropriate and harmful’

  • Conservatives have been using responses from ChatGP to prove it’s ‘woke’
  • The bot has been seen to provide answers that are considered ‘left-leaning’
  • Twitter users asked questions about Drag Queen Story Hour and gender 
  • Experts say systems don’t perpetuate harm against a large number of people


Conservatives have accused artificial intelligent software of being biased towards ‘left-leaning values’ after asking machine learning programs such as ChatGPT test questions to prove they are ‘woke’.

The National Review published an article raising concerns about ChatGPT, a chatbot which provides sophisticated and in-depth responses to almost any query users enter, after discovering it was refusing to answer questions such as why drag queen story hour is bad.

National Review staff writer Nate Hochman had initially attempted to get OpenAI’s chatbot to tell him a story where former U.S. President Donald Trump beats the incumbent Joe Biden to win the election – only for the bot to refuse his request.

But when he made a follow up query about Hilary Clinton defeating Trump, the bot ‘readily’ generated a false narrative that said: ‘The country was ready for a new chapter, with a leader who promised…

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