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China Is Laughing: As US Military Begins Purging The Unvaxxed – US Air Force Is Polling Its Remaining Members On “Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion” Logos


After the dishonorable discharge of 27 service members earlier this week for refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine, the woke-washed US Air Force is now asking the remaining members to vote on which new “diversity, equity, and inclusion” logo they would prefer.

Blake Masters, a Trump-endorsed candidate for the Arizona Senate, tweeted a photo of the pair of potential Air Force logos that was sent to him by a friend within the service who was asked to pick his favorite one by the woke leadership.

Each logo was accompanied by its own equally ridiculous motto. The winner will serve as the symbol for all of the Air Force’s DE and I propaganda.

Take a look:

From a friend in the Air Force. He’s supposed to vote on which logo he likes better pic.twitter.com/z49a6QtSfy

— Blake Masters (@bgmasters) December 17,

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