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Chris Lane’s Spouse Lauren Bushnell Slams Mask Mandate For Young Children


Lauren Bushnell, the wife of American country singer Christopher Lane, called the mask mandate for young children “not fair” and “cruel,” explaining the measure has an impact on kids’ concentration and ability to learn in school. “Young children cannot learn with a mask on period point-blank. This is cruel. I am thankful we are able to travel for now to see family [because] Dutton is not two and in my heart, I know for a fact he would never keep a mask on at the young age of 2,” Bushnell, who shares son Dutton with her husband, said on Instagram Tuesday, Fox News reported. “I’m not anti-mask but if you let [75,000] people gather in a stadium—child care programs with TODDLERS can lose the masks,” her post added, which references Super Bowl LVI,  where many attendants, celebrities, and government officials flouted masking rules. The NFL sports event, which took place in …  » Read full article

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