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COVID-19 Screening Testing Of Children ‘Expensive And Burdensome’: Physician


Screening testing of children without symptoms may cause more harm than good and is an expensive intervention, according to physician and epidemiologist Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg. Such a surveillance testing program is costing President Joe Biden’s administration $10 billion. In January 2022, the administration announced that it would double down to keep schools safe by “increasing the number of COVID-19 tests available to schools by 10 million per month.” Hoeg says these programs hardly ever lead to an “improvement in their health.” “I want to mention that proposing to do rapid screening testing in school settings such as K-12 or university settings is a highly expensive and burdensome intervention which will almost never lead to an improvement in their health … and, again, if over 50 over of test results that say positive are actually negative, this will result in a lot of unnecessary quarantining, lost school days and worry,” …  » Read full article

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