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CRINGE: Biden Teams Up With Jonas Brothers To Shamelessly Peddle Vaccines In Bizarre Propaganda Video


Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the White House has been shelling out millions in taxpayer dollars to dozens of social media and celebrity influencers – ranging from heavily followed figures on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, up to mainstream celebrities – in order to promote the experimental COVID-19 vaccine and combat any so-called misinformation.

As even the New York Times puts it, Biden has recruited “an influencer army.”

I guess Biden’s regime figures that Americans who won’t trust the corrupt public health bureaucracy would definitely trust the soulless billboards they are paying to push their propaganda.

Sadly though, they are correct in a sense – these campaigns are obviously targeted at children and young adults who are the main followers of these sensationalized figures, and therefore the propaganda has been effective in a sense – it’s reaching the target.

On Friday,

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