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Delicious Home Made Fudge Pops – With Gelatin!

fudge pops with gelatin - eat real food

The benefits of consuming gelatin are numerous including:

  • skin, hair and nail health
  • gut health
  • joint health
  • bone health
  • muscle recovery and growth
  • sleep improvement
  • weight management
  • +++

But unless you’re a jello or marshmallow fanatic, it’s not that easy to get gelatin into the food you eat on a daily basis, but every now and again, you will come across innovative ways, and here is 1 such way from the Traditional Cooking School with a  recipe for Fudgesicles aka Fudge Pops that is delicious includes gelatin.

Okay, so maybe you won’t be eating these Fudge Pops on a daily basis for any length of time, but they’re a great option for those hot, sunny, summer days.

Give them a try!  And if you have a little Reishi on hand, you might want to add some of that too to stack your way to wellness!

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