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Devastating Presentation “Exposing Military Corruption During COVID-19” Sent To Members Of Congress



An anonymous group released a presentation showing the government’s actions surrounding COVID in the military and the abuse American soldiers are given in the process.  This has to end.  It is now in the hands of Congress.

A presentation was reported online and forwarded to The Gateway Pundit and members of Congress in an attempt to bring to life the abuse that American soldiers are enduring under Biden’s COVID-19 mandates in the military.

This presentation was created to expose the wrongdoings of the DOD from the Secretary of Defense all the way down to Commanders who do not have the fortitude to look into the orders they are carrying out. You will find evidence of collusion with the FDA, corruption at the highest levels of the DoD, violations of Federal law, long established privacy laws, and human rights violations, and throughout this presentation we ask you,

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