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Dollar Stores In US, Canada Selling Products Containing Large Amounts Of Toxic Chemicals: Report


Dollar stores across the United States and Canada are selling products that contain a large number of toxic chemicals, including children’s toys, according to a new study published on April 12.
The study was conducted by the consumer advocacy group, Campaign for Healthier Solutions, and focused on all of the leading dollar store retailers in the United States and Canada: Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Five Below, and 99 Cents Only Stores.
It found that more than half of the items purchased by researchers at the stores contained one or more chemicals of concern.
At the start of 2021, researchers bought 226 products from stores across the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico, Washington, Maine, and Texas in the United States and Ontario in Canada. In total, the products contained 635 unique components or materials.
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