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Don’t Vax Healthy Children, Says Florida Surgeon General


PUNTA GORDA, Florida–Florida has been a state for “firsts” since the pandemic arrived on the scene, and March 7 was no exception, as state Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo announced that his office will recommend against the COVID-19 vaccines for “healthy children.” “The Florida Department of Health is going to be the first state to officially recommend against the COVID-19 vaccines for healthy children,” said Ladapo at a roundtable discussion in West Palm Beach. He did not elaborate on what the Florida Department of Health will consider a “healthy” child, or provide any other details. The Epoch Times reached out to the Florida Department of Health for further reaction, but they did not respond by press time. The announcement came at the end of a 90-minute roundtable meeting of medical experts about the dangers and the fall-out of lockdown policies, and negative effects on society as a whole, and children …  » Read full article

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