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Double Vaccinated 18-Year-Old Brazilian Model Dies After Developing Blood Clots Due To ‘COVID Complications’


An 18-year-old Brazilian model died on Sunday reportedly due to COVID-19 complications despite receiving 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine, the Covid world reported.

Valentina Boscardin was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was hospitalized at São Paulo. On Thursday, her condition worsened and she developed thrombosis, a formation of a blood clot according to reports. Other media, as well as friends, added pneumonia as another factor of her death.

According to her mother, Brazilian TV reporter Marcia Boscardin, her daughter was healthy. Local news outlet said Valentina had no other health complications nor comorbidities.

“Valentina was healthy and had taken both doses of the vaccine [Pfizer]. She was part of the Ford Model Brasil São Paulo agency, which confirmed her death [translated],” says news outlet Estadao.

It was confirmed that the young model was vaccinated with 2 doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine according to an Instagram post from journalist Felipeh Campos who is close to the family.

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