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Dozens Sue Santa Clara County For Vaccine Mandate


SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Dozens of Santa Clara County employees are suing their county for its allegedly unlawful vaccine mandate and are seeking an immediate injunction. Unify Santa Clara County, or UnifySCC, filed an application for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the county on March 3 for depriving them of their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. UnifySCC consists of members whose religious beliefs prevent them from taking the COVID-19 vaccine or booster. “Santa Clara County James Williams and Sara Cody violated their First Amendment rights by not providing them religious accommodations and instead relegating them to unpaid leave for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine and booster, even though they offered reasonable accommodations to similarly situated employees for medical reasons,” Mariah Gondeiro, attorney from Advocates for Faith & Freedom, told NTD Television. Gondeiro said that most of them are healthcare workers and some had to sell their house because they …  » Read full article

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