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Dr. Francis Collins Used Religious Leaders To Push COVID Origin Narrative And Masking And Vaccine Policies To Their Congregations



How Dr. Collins used religious leaders to push COVID origin and masking and vaccination directives onto American Christians.

In an excellent article at the Daily Wire, Megan Basham outlines how Dr. Francis Collins used religious leaders to push the government’s COVID policies to Christians. 

Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH was used as a vehicle to push the government’s theories and practices upon Christians during the pandemic.  He pushed his and Dr. Fauci’s scam that COVID was created independently in nature calling those who thought it was built in a lab, conspiracy theorists.  Since that time we have uncovered Dr. Collins and Fauci’s lies to Congress on the subject.  These doctors didn’t want Americans and Christians to know that COVID was created in a lab in China by the Chinese military using US dollars they gave to aid in the research and development.

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