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Dr. Robert Malone: “The Boundary Is Children And A Unified Movement – Is Pivotal – To Shape The Free World” (VIDEO)



Dr. Robert Malone was in Toronto last weekend for the screening of the new movie “Uninformed Consent”.

During the pre-party, Dr. Malone was interviewed by Bright Lights News.

Below is the interview where Dr. Malone shared the following.

“The boundary is children,” and a unified movement, through pragmatic and honest self-awareness, is pivotal to avoid the very divisive behaviors that gave rise to the global resistance. It is incumbent of us to remain unified if we are preserve a free world for our children.

Dr. Byram Bridle also Headlined the Toronto Premiere of Uninformed Consent. You can hear him speak about the movie at this link. Dr. Bridle is a true scientist, a gentleman, and another key leader/COVID hero of the global health freedom movement.

The description of Dr.

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