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Dr. Zelenko On “Blocking The Common Pathway” Of All The Variants


Dr. Vladimir Zelenko was on the frontlines of the fight against COVID.
He saw great success with his early use of hydroxychloroquine — until his efforts were halted by a Democrat governor.
But Dr. Zelenko didn’t stop.
He kept working — and found an over-the-counter way to help people.
Watch: Here is Dr. Zelenko talking about the Omicron variant and his approach for fighting all variants (transcript of highlights is below):

Q: The Omicron variant has been in the news a lot lately. Should this variant change the way we think about COVID?
Dr. Zelenko: You know, the Omicron variant or the Delta variant or any other of the variants – they’re all the same to me. The reason why I say that is: the difference in those variants is in the shape of the spike protein and its ability to get it into the cell.  » Read full article

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