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Without your health, what have you got?  Take back your power!

Elevate Your Wellness with an Indulgent Chaga Mushroom Hot Chocolate Latte

Chagalatte, hot chocolate

Discover the soothing blend of rich cocoa and powerful chaga mushrooms in every sip and elevate your wellness.

This upgraded version of the classic hot chocolate by Surthrival is nutrient dense and provides you with sustained energy, a perfect way to start the day or as an afternoon pick me up to maintain your focus and productivity. The best part is that as you’re enjoying this drink, it is quietly fortifying your immune system like a protective force field.

Although a hot drink is especially soothing on cold snowy days, this powerful elixir can also be enjoyed on hot summer days by adding a few ice cubes.

Check out the full recipe here and enjoy!

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