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Employers Frequently Overlook Resumes Which Include “They/Them” Pronouns


Employers Frequently Overlook Resumes Which Include “They/Them” Pronouns

One of the apocryphal conspiracy theories floated in recent years is that the establishment’s – and corporate America’s – fascination with pushing an LGBTQ agenda while minimizing (and in some cases openly ridiculing) traditional family-focused Judeo-Christian values, is that this is a core spoke of the World Economic Forum’s great reset. After all, what easier way to “depopulate” the world (as World Economic Forum participant Jane Goodall famously suggested in 2020 when she said “we can solve all the world’s problems if we reduce the world population to where it was 500 years ago”, at the 27 minute mark of the linked video) than to convince hundreds of millions to pair with a member of the same sex and thus avoid having children. One certainly wouldn’t need World War 3 or even a global viral pandemic to achieve a depopulation outcome if enough people are L, G, B, T, Q, “they/them” and so on (at last check, over 7% of the US population now identifies as LGBTQ). One just has to wait a generation.

There now appears to be another potential twist to this: it appears that workers who identify as the cool du jour pronoun pair of “they/them” are being systematically ignored by potential employers, and face far fewer job offers compared to their less pronoun-sensitive peers.

According to a new report from Business.com, a business resource platform, over 80% of nonbinary people believe that identifying as nonbinary would hurt their job search. Similarly, 51% believe their gender identity has affected their workplace experience “very or somewhat negatively.” Why? Well, for those confused, a quick reminder: the Biden admin’s “non-binary” hero is – or rather was – none other than Sam Britton, who worked as a nuclear engineer, or technically “deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy”, at least until it was revealed that he is a pathological liar and kleptomaniac with a penchant for stealing other people’s suitcases (and then wearing stolen female clothing). Clearly a person with zero mental issues and pristine decision-making skills. In any case, Britton lost his job recently after his crimes were exposed, prompting a cascade a question about the mental stability of the “they/them” cohort.

Which is why even though Ryan McGonagill, director of industry research at Business.com and author of the report, said that the latest statistics show just how much “inclusive” work there is to do…

“We clearly have more work to do on several fronts. Over the past 10 years, DEIB efforts have been prioritized by many companies; however, the results of this study and past research show that teams in most industries aren’t proportionately representative of the U.S. population,” McGonagill tells CNBC Make It. “And worse, many people (like the nonbinary individuals we spoke with in our research) feel like they don’t belong.”

… perhaps employers have it right?

Rhetorical questions aside, CNBC notes that Business.com also went a step further by sending two identical phantom resumes to “180 unique job postings that were explicitly open to entry-level candidates” in an effort to test “whether or not the inclusion of gender-neutral pronouns impacts how employers perceive resumes.”

“Both featured a gender-ambiguous name, ‘Taylor Williams.’ The only difference between the test and control resumes was the presence of gender pronouns on the test version,” McGonagill said in the report. “The test resume included “they/them” pronouns under the name in the header.” She/her and he/him pronouns were not tested.

The phantom resume including pronouns received 8% less interest than the one without, and fewer interview and phone screening invitations.

According to the report, over 64% of the companies that received these resumes were Equal Opportunity Employers, something that made the results even more “worrisome.”

“The law makes it clear that you cannot base any employment decision (hiring, terminating, or otherwise) based on their gender identity,” McGonagill says. “It’s incredibly disappointing and unethical that many of the hiring managers in our study would disqualify a candidate for being authentic.”

What is probably funnier, although it wasn’t analyzed, is that most of those hiring managers who overlooked the “they/them” stack also happen to be the most vocal virtue-signaling supporters of LGBTQ rights…. just not when it comes to their own company. In other words, a classic case of employment NIMBY: please hire all these wonderful folks… just don’t make me hire them.

“It’s incredibly disappointing and unethical that many of the hiring managers in our study would disqualify a candidate for being authentic” said McGonagill. Oh, if only Ryan knew just how unethical some of the most vocal virtue-signalers are, he would be in a state of permanent shock. As for being “authentic”… well, there is this thing called Darwinian selection. If enough people realize that identifying as a “they/them” is not all that cool, perhaps we will finally have some return to normalcy after progressive identify politics have pushed society to the verge of collapse. Just like what better way to solve society’s overpopulation problem than by encouraging the young and easily impressionable to join the growing LGBTQ cohort and avoid having any children. End result: widespread depopulation, just next generation not this one.

Tyler Durden
Sun, 03/05/2023 – 09:55

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