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EXCLUSIVE: Frontline doctor knew COVID response would cause harm but stayed silent

Discussing the harms instituted by lockdowns and mandates would be bad for politicians and their careers, so they have no desire to discuss it, says German ICU doctor.

At the World Health Summit (WHS) 2022, my colleagues and I attended the three-day globalist conference to gain an insider’s perspective into the future of global health and namely how the COVID response devastated global populations.

In this conversation, we aim to discuss the harms imposed on people worldwide by way of unscientific response plans with a German frontline doctor, who was working in the intensive care unit (ICU) throughout the COVID pandemic pandemonium.

On the various conferences at the summit, he said that “the real thing about the WHS is the conversations with each other, that you can talk freely. If you were to put me on the stage… I would only say the things that are accepted of course.”

It alludes to the bigger picture that only fluffy, surface-scratching conferences take place on stage.  Read full article

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