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EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon Responds To DoD Whistleblowers’ Claim Of Spiking Disease Rates In The Military After COVID Vaccine Mandate


Three United States military doctors have blown the whistle on documents allegedly from The United States Department of Defense (DoD) that they had access to, which show “skyrocketing rates of disease” since the introduction and mandating of the CCP virus vaccines in armed forces, human rights Att. Leigh Dundas told The Epoch Times. Dundas was recently approached by Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, Special Forces Flight Surgeon Peter Chambers, and Aerospace Occupational Medicine Specialist LTC Colonel Theresa Long. They handed documents to Dundas, who appeared with Att. Tom Renz in a five-hour hearing organized by Sen. Ron Johnson titled “COVID-19: Second Opinion.” Renz shared some of the numbers related to medical disorders in the U.S. military data with The Epoch Times. The whistleblowers, who are represented by Renz, gave him the data “under penalty of perjury,” he said in the hearing. Renz intends to submit the information to the courts, he told Johnson.  » Read full article

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